Diversified Restaurant Holdings, Inc.
continue to color our patient’s and families worlds!

Because of your commitment and support, you have made a lasting impact
in the lives of 339 CLF patients and families just last year through Hearts for Hope and Hoops for Hope.
We cannot thank you enough!

Funds raised by Diversified Restaurant Holdings from Hearts for Hope in 2014 provided:

  • 6 month’s rent for CLF families who need to stay closer to the hospital for treatment
  • 10 wigs or head coverings to help boost patient’s confidence
  • 25 Holiday Toy packages for child patients, their siblings, and children of adult patients
  • 50 round trip visits to doctor appointments
  • 30 Stepping Stones Manuals to help newly diagnosed patients and their family understand their treatment
  • 20 family members the opportunity to “not be sick” for a day by attending a patient outing

Your support of Hearts for Hope created a lasting impact in the lives of 151 CLF patients and families!

Funds raised by Diversified Restaurant Holdings from Hoops for Hope in 2014 provided:

  • 18 month’s rent for families on the verge of eviction
  • 10 wigs or head coverings to help patients “feel normal”
  • 75 Holiday Toy packages to brighten the holidays for families
  • 60 trips to and from the doctor or treatment center
  • 10 Stepping Stones Manuals to help patients and their family learn about their diagnosis and treatment plan
  • 15 family members with the chance to create memories at a patient outing

Your support of Hoops for Hope created a lasting impact in the lives of 188 CLF patients and families!

Featured CLF Patient

Madison is a 10-year-old girl who has been fighting cancer nearly her whole life. She was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s T-Cell Lymphoma in 2009 and relapsed in 2012. She enrolled with CLF on February 23, 2012 after learning about it from the social worker at DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids.

Madison received a bone marrow transplant in May 2012 and her mother stayed with her at the hospital for several weeks. They discovered the transplant did not work due to Mononucleosis present in Madison’s system that killed off new cells. However, it was discovered that her old cells started to regenerate on their own. Her tests showed no new cancer cells regenerating or any infection in her body. The family understands there is a possibility of the cancer returning so Madison still receives a bone biopsy every eight weeks. Currently Madison has no signs of cancer.

Since Madison’s enrollment with CLF, she has been able to get financial assistance primarily with travel reimbursement. This was very important as the family lived over 30 miles from treatment and also experienced an employment transition during Madison’s treatment. Although both parents have struggled to maintain employment and still take care of Madison, they have stayed positive. The family also has received gifts through the CLF Holiday Toy Program. Most recently, the family has moved from Ottawa County to Grand Rapids due to job changes for both parents. They have found a home to rent and have enrolled Madison in a Charter School in Walker.

Most recently, Madison celebrated her 10th birthday with an unexpected party hosted by over 300 people in her mother’s hometown of Defiance, Ohio. She said the entire family was very moved by the outpouring of support by her hometown and by CLF. Her mother expressed overwhelming gratitude that Madison was able to reach her 10th birthday and continues to stay in touch with CLF.